What’s It Like To Work With Your Spouse?

In a nutshell – it is amazing. But, it wasn’t always smooth-sailing.

Over the course of the past year, we have had to dull our edges of differences and learn how to effectively work together.

In the very beginning, we were a fragile mess of easily offending each other. There were moments in which we could not make a decision together. Our business definitely took a downfall that reflected our relationship.

Over time, we recognized that there were many fundamental parts to our marriage that we needed to work on before we could have an effective business relationship:

  • Strengthening communication
  • Managing stress
  • Allocating time
  • Managing disagreements
  • and more

Many couples do not need to dig this deep into their relationship, they can go to their respective jobs, away from their spouses for the majority of the day and not have to confront the basic issues that may be hiding beneath their marriage.

When working with your spouse, everything is laid out on the table.

So the very first stepping stone and largest factor to making this work was coming to understand that we must eliminate the idea of EGO.

There is no place for ego in a marriage.

Once you figure this out between yourselves, your respect for one another will resonate more freely throughout every area of your relationship.

Many people may tell you that this kind of relationship never works, but even something as difficult as running a business with your partner will be extremely rewarding.

You just have to be willing to put in the hard work.

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