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[Social Media Challenge] What Makes A Couple A “Power Couple”? #15DaysOfLove

If you had asked me about 3 years ago, I would’ve told you that working with your spouse is bound to fail. I was a skeptic to pursuing business with your spouse simply because I had no idea how to begin navigating the idea.

I remember the day that Elias asked me if I would every consider starting a business together and I honestly thought he was joking… Now in the present, I’m glad I took the chance, even if it meant failing a few times before we got it right.

What qualifies a couple as a “power couple”? Elias and I have always had a very good understanding of what we want. We are both high-achievers in our own ways. Driven and goal-oriented.

Goals allow us to build our relationship in ways that challenge and strengthen our love. It is the roadblocks and hurdles that really challenge and strengthen us. It is during these moments when your goals and convictions become a list of motivators… Reasons why working 60+ hour weeks, declining an invitation to go out, de-escalating a petty argument, and more challenges are all worth it.

It’s not easy.

There were times where we were in a funk for days. We’d behave more like roommates than husband and wife because we were hyper-focused on anything but each other. This why reconnecting is so important. We could have succumbed to our own entropy. But we recognized what was happening and forced ourselves to reconnect in order to turn the ship around.”

Strong couples take time every day to reconnect. We put together a list of items that help us to reconnect and created the #15DaysofLove Social Media Challenge!

We challenge you to take 15 minutes with your partner for the next 15 days to complete this list!

My favorite exercise was Day 07:

I felt like we got the most value from Day 5:

Enjoy! <3

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