The Mix of Marriage & Business

We met when we were both 20 years old. A year later, we moved in together. A few months after moving in, we decided to elope. About 8 months after that, we moved to a new country. We then immediately started a company together. We had experienced so much change in so little time.

Although we decided to take these steps earlier than most 20 year old couples would, it took us a lot of developing to be able to work with each other in cohesion. There were days where we were at each other’s throats. Already, as a newly married couple we were trying to find our footing, but on top of that was our new endeavor of being business partners… There were countless arguments, screaming matches, and tears – even times in which we thought we should call it all off.

So, we worked really hard.

We learned to choose love over every other emotion even if in some situations it was hard to love. We became a part of each other’s motivation by setting goals together. We showed our mutual consideration by allocating time to reconnect. We became more insightful on how to help manage each other’s stress. Our communication became stronger and we became more in tune with our relationship.

It is a myth to say that working with your partner ruins the relationship. You can reach an equilibrium in your relationship that maintains your love for each other while pursuing your business. Marriage isn’t easy, neither is business, but success is certain if you both put in the work.

We are far from being experts and we know we still have such a journey ahead of us, but we love sharing our experiences. We hope to connect with other entrepreneurial couples going through a similar journey.

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