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EP 06 REVOLT with Mana Eini


In this episode, Dez interviews Mana Eini. Mana is an Iranian American female rapper. She shares her raps in both English and Farsi combining her Persian sounds with soulful singing and cultural flow. Mana is also is the founder of Lipstick Revolt, an international women’s organization that empowers other female MCs, artists, and poets to express themselves as well as raise awareness about political and social issues.

Before diving into the show, a major shoutout to Mana for being the creative artist behind the intro and outro music for this podcast!

They talk about Mana’s beginnings in music and poetry. Mana was always inspired by people’s stories and injustices and with an Iranian heritage, the issue of politics hits very close to home. She has made it her mission to empower others and change perspectives by bringing light to the political turmoils happening around us. Mana also upholds her mission by representing females in hip hop and breaking social structures set for women.


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