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EP 05 CONQUER with Brent Buffone


In this episode, Dez interviews Brent Buffone aka Don Conquer. Brent is a registered yoga teacher and is the founder of ChewManja, an organic chewing gum company whose mission is to protect and preserve the life of the rainforest. Brent is an eclectic human being as he is passionate about many things. He is also passionate about expressing himself through hip hop and rap.

They open conversation talking about Brent’s inspiration and the meaning behind the name Don Conquer. Brent talks about his social mission to “change somebody’s life and make somebody’s day”. They reflect on the hindering availability of alcohol. Brent then goes into profound thought about the way that knowledge is an asset that can never be taken away from you – it is yours to keep forever. To wrap up, Brent talks about the bizarre moment that made him think about the choices he was making for his life.

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