This One’s For The Badass Women

Facebook groups have grown largely popular for building community and finding your “tribe”. I have found many amazing groups that deliver incredible value everyday. From thought-provoking questions, to engaging posts, to thoughtful comments, and pieces of content that BLOW MY MIND… Facebook groups are a must for business growth and expanding your network.

Here are my top 4 Marketing-Based Facebook Groups that add the MOST value to me:

  1. BAMF –
  2. Charm Offensive –
  3. Millennial Entrepreneur Community –
  4. Traffic and Copy –

These 4 Facebook groups are EVERYTHING when it comes to legitimacy and delivering value. Providing real, actionable strategies and maintaining a community open to marketers of all levels.

Although I am involved in some of the ABSOLUTE BEST marketing groups Facebook has to offer, I have struggled to find groups that speak to me as both a marketer and woman in business. I especially stayed far away from communities based around struggles that women face in business and toxic masculinity.

This is what I wanted out of my ideal Facebook Group:

  • Geared toward women in the positions of (or aspiring to be) CEOs, Founders/Co-founders, Leaders, etc.
  • Relevant content delivering value everyday
  • Genuine, healthy community building
  • Open environment with room for growth
  • Focusing on the empowerment and triumph of women
  • NO Spammers/Self-Promo/Trashy Content
  • NO Bro-culture/Toxic masculinity

I created Badass Women in Business to bridge this gap between women empowering each other online (and men empowering women too, of course). Whether you’re a founder, marketer, community leader, or aspiring entrepreneur, I invite you to join the conversation. And don’t let the name discourage you, everyone is welcome to participate.

Join me and the other badasses blazing the trail of business >> Badass Women in Business

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