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Embrace your inner rebel. Calling all Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Educators, Innovators, and Creators. Share your story of going against the grain. If you believe in questioning authority/challenging the norm, if you see a problem and want to change it, if you live life on your own terms - Apply for the show!

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Length: 20 mins
Audio recorded only
Interview format
Non-censored; Explicit language ok
Self promotion is welcomed!


Intro - 2 mins

Who/What inspires you? - 3 mins

#TalkShit! Talk about something currently bothering you, something you wish you could change! - 3 mins

Tell us your Story of Rebellion! The problem, your personal "turning point", and the outcome. - 10 mins

Plug your work. What are you currently working on? - 1 min

Closure, Outro - 1 min
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